Sunday, October 23, 2005

I was watching television, as I do, and I saw this commercial for Dexatoe or Footcure or something like that, something that cleans up your disgusting yellow toenails. If you have them. I'm not accusing you of having repugnant, filthy phalanges, but you know, if you do, you ought to get this product. I think it's Lamisil. Not tough-actin' Tinactin; that is for athlete's foot. Anyway, this freakish anthropomorphic germ-person appeared on the screen, introduced himself as Digger the dermatophyte, and proceeded to infect a beatifully-rendered computer-generated toe with his filth. And he "invited a few of his friends," which put me off, because all of his friends looked exactly like him, thousands of them. Disturbing, really; the only dermatophytes he deems worthy of being his friends are those that look and act exactly like him. I think that's a greater motivation for purchasing this Lamisil than wanting to rid yourself of brittle yellow toenails for good. After all, would you really want something that egotistical living under your toenails? I wouldn't. This is rather stupid, but I'm tired, and I'm in a time paradox right now (It is daylight savings time, and I'm not sure if I should set back the hour yet or not), so my idiocy is excusable.


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